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Now you can see which business needs help and how much they need it, It's time to make an impact.
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Business statuses

Businesses and their percentage on how far they are from reaching their break-even point

See who needs support and see how you can help in the best way

With our platform, you see a list of your local businesses and how far they are from the break-even point. The ones who need the most help are prioritised. With just one click, all the best possible ways of help are showcased, giving you the direct power of making an actual impact.

Follow your favourite business and see how they are doing every week

Every week our platform will update the status from your local businesses you love. With our platform can tack and support your favourite restaurant, hairdresser, cafeteria, clothing store and more.


1st place
Hack the Crisis Sweden - Save businesses

SEB award
Hack the Crisis

2nd place
EUvsVirus - Stay close to your customers

The plan forward

We are working hard right now creating the Break even app. We are making it for both App store and Google play. Until we are there we will update our website with businesses who are interesting in being on the platform.