Integrating Sustainability with Digital Transparency

Best of both worlds with Break Even and Sopköket

Break Even started it's pilot project in June 2020 with the official release of the website and were looking for their business partners. The agenda was simple - Create a transparent platform where the business gets the opportunity to showcase their financial status, giving customers the capability to visualize the direct impact of their contributions to the services. The vision was to create a more intimate, direct platform where customers and businesses can interact digitally. Eventually, the team, mostly based in Göteborg, found it's first partners in Sopköket, who are based at Stockholm, through the convenience of digital mediums! 
Sopköket runs a catering service and a restaurant in Söderhallarna. They are one of the most innovative businesses in Stockholm and leading the way to run a zero-waste sustainable service. Their main aim is to use saved ingredients for at least 50% of any cooked meal. They also have a zero-leftover vision where they donate help meals to the needy through different organizations. When Filip Lundin, the founder of Sopköket, signed up as the first partner for Break Even, the team was ecstatic to be part of such a noble campaign.
The first step was to create a Break Even tracker, where any customer can view, the most recent monthly status of Sopköket. The tracker directly takes the customer to all the services that Sopköket provides on their home page, once they decide to contribute. The team then updates the growing revenues on the website to give quick and direct feedback to the customers.
Together, Break Even and Sopköket ran a competition campaign on social media channels to celebrate the catering order Sopköket received for the celebration of the inauguration of Golden Bridge at Slussen. It was exciting to see the response and the team was delighted to know that the winner of the campaign came through the channels of Break Even. To take the targets of Sustainability a bit further, Sopköket also took a big step further in making its services climate positive. They now deliver their meals and collect saved ingredients on a fully electric vehicle.
There are a lot of exciting campaigns coming up with Sopköket before Christmas. Companies can now order climate positive Christmas lunchboxes that Sopköket will prepare and deliver to employees working from home. Alongside, Sopköket also offers a digital inspirational lecture in how to minimize food waste at home, which can often be the case during Christmas. There is also the option to order meals that Sopköket prepares and delivers to the Swedish Red Cross and 6 other collaborating help organisations. During a time, when all companies are thinking of novel ways to connect back with their working-from-home employees, this could be the best opportunity available right now.
So, if there is anyone interested please reach out to us at In the end we are also looking to reach out to more businesses all over Sweden willing to collaborate with us hoping that our vision to create an ecosystem based on the foundations of transparency comes closer to reality in 2021.